Thursday, May 3, 2012

Post-Raw: Day 3

So it has been three days since I've been off 100% raw and life hasn't gotten easier hahaha. It's great because we got free Mexican food at work yesterday and I could partake in the rice and beans... also today I had a cookie and it was delicious... BUT... I am now constantly worried about what I'm eating. When I was raw, I knew what I was eating was good for me and that I could basically eat as much of it as my body wanted, so my mind was free of that. But I still have weight to lose, so now that I'm free and can eat anything... the world has opened itself to me, while I try to close myself off to it haha. Here's what I ate today:

  • Breakfast: Green Smoothie
  • Snack: Brought grapes, but they tasted terrible, so I ended up eating some peanut butter/chocolate stuff. Unplanned Sin #1.
  • Lunch: A whole-wheat wrap with greens, cabbage, rice and beans, an orange, then Unplanned Sin #2, I got a strawberry cheesecake cookie... oh man.
  • After lunch- my co-workers tried to get me to eat an ice cream sandwich, but I had already snuck in two delicacies... I couldn't do it to myself.
  • Then I went swimming!
  • From 4-5 I had coconut water, some left-over marinated veggies, and 4 or 5 stuffed grape leaves
All-in-all, it was fairly wholesome, but I really wanted to be vegan and as all-natural as possible... and that peanut butter/chocolate stuff and cookie do not fit that description lol. In fact, I like... couldn't get out of those moments without eating one. *sigh* Food has control over me again!

And, today was great, but the first two days not being raw I was not doing so well lol. I got brain fog and was so tired that I couldn't function for awhile. The first day it made sense, lack of sleep- second day, no excuse. And my ADD was just terrible today- I got really overwhelmed in a grocery store and a nail salon. 

My body and mind are definitely reverting back to old ways already- which is lame. On the other hand, my skin has continued to improve and my weight is looking good. I am also super enjoying exercise. So the good and the bad? Just need to find that balance.

Here's to the balancing act!

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